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DROP: The emergency eye wash station in the workplace

In workplaces where there are risks to eye health, such as the presence of splinters, dust, or chemicals, employee safety becomes a top priority.



When to Use DROP: Eye Wash Station

In workplaces where there are risks to eye health, such as the presence of splinters, dust, or chemicals, employee safety becomes a top priority. It is essential to have effective tools available to promptly respond to emergency situations, such as accidental contact of these elements with the eyes. This is where “DROP” comes into play, the eye wash station designed to address such critical situations promptly and safely.

Eye injuries can occur at any time, especially in high-risk work environments. Wood or metal splinters, industrial dust, or chemicals can cause serious and permanent eye damage if not promptly and properly treated. In emergency situations, time is essential, and having immediate access to an eye wash solution can make the difference between a minor injury and irreversible damage.

The Solution: DROP – eye wash station with sterile saline solution DROP is an eye wash station designed to provide rapid and effective action in case of eye emergencies. Its distinctive feature is the anatomical cap that perfectly fits the shape of the eye, ensuring complete and uniform washing. This innovative design maximizes the effectiveness of the wash, ensuring that the sterile saline solution reaches all parts of the eye, removing any irritating or harmful agents.



How It Works

When an eye accident occurs, it is essential to act promptly and correctly. Here are the steps to properly use the DROP eye wash station:

Remove protective shell: Open the DROP eye wash station by removing the anti-dust plastic shell. Take the bottle of sterile saline solution: Rotate the cap to open the bottle for use. Position the anatomical cap: Bring your face close to the anatomical cap of the bottle and position it over the eye that has foreign bodies to remove, ensuring a snug fit. Wash: Keep the eye open and tilt the head slightly backward to allow the saline solution to flow freely over the eye. Gently wash, being careful not to rub the eye to avoid further damage. Seek medical assistance: Even if symptoms seem to improve after washing, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to assess any damage and ensure appropriate treatment.



Importance of Knowing Emergency Procedures

Prevention is always the best approach, but in case of accidents, it is essential to be prepared. In addition to providing tools like DROP, it is crucial that employees are trained in emergency procedures to follow in case of eye injuries. This includes knowledge of how to properly use the eye wash station, as well as the importance of seeking professional medical assistance after an accident.




DROP represents an important tool for workplace safety, offering a rapid and effective response to emergency eye injuries. Equipped with innovative design and sterile saline solutions, it is designed to maximize the effectiveness of eye washing, protecting the vision and health of workers. Investing in eye safety in the workplace not only protects the health and well-being of employees but also contributes to creating a safer and more productive work environment.

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