CODE CPS460 - CPS461 - CPS462 - CPS463 - CPS464

FUTURA – FIRST AID CASE ALLEGATO 2 – first eco-sustainable case in Italy and the world


FUTURA is the first eco-sustainable case made from 100% recycled materials by adding PP/Wood Flour (WPC-Wood Plastic Compound) with vegetable fillers (30-40%). It maintains all the qualities of wood, the resistance of PP and preserves the environment from the introduction of harmful plastics.
Equipped with wall attachment support, carrying handle and closure with two rotating clips.


Content in accordance with DM 388 dated 15/07/2003 annex 2 and D.L. 81 of 09/04/08 art.45. for companies or production units with fewer than three workers who are not included in group A. Article 2 point 5 of Ministerial Decree 388 dated 15.7.2003 provides that the content referred to in attachment 2 must be provided to workers who work in places other than the company headquarters or production unit.


Available in different colors:


CPS460 FUTURA orange
CPS461 FUTURA green
CPS462 FUTURA white
CPS463 FUTURA brown



Kit contents

1 Copy of Decree Min 388 dated 15.07.03
2 pairs of LATEX FREE sterile gloves
1 Disinfectant bottle 125 ml POVIDONE IODO al
10% PMC iodine
1 sterile physiological solution 250 ml CE
1 envelope sterile gauze compresses 18×40 cm
3 envelopes sterile gauze compresses 10×10 cm
1 sterile forceps
1 pack of cotton wool
1 PLASTOSAN 10 assorted plasters
1 Roll of adhesive plaster m 5×2,5 cm
1 gauze bandage measuring 3.5 x 10 cm
1 pair of scissors 10 cm
1 LATEX FREE tourniquet
1 ICE PACK instant disposable ice
1 Bag for sanitary waste mm 250×350



Dimensions (L x W x H): 250x190x90 mm

Empty case code number

CAV460 FUTURA empty, orange color
CAV461 FUTURA empty, green color
CAV462 FUTURA empty, white color
CAV463 FUTURA empty, brown color
CAV464 FUTURA empty, red color

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