EN1865 plastic scoop stretcher


The plastic atraumatic stretcher for wounds is an essential element in the healthcare sector, particularly in cases where it is essential to ensure the immobility of the injured person to avoid further trauma. Its high-quality plastic construction makes it non-magnetic, allowing it to be used safely during examinations such as MRIs, and its compatibility with X-rays makes it extremely versatile in multiple medical settings.

Equipped with a safety opening/closing system at both ends, this stretcher ensures optimal stability during patient transport. The adjustment and locking system with different lengths allows the device to be customized according to specific needs, ensuring superior comfort and safety for the patient.

The non-slip surface provides additional stability during transport, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Certified in accordance with EN1


CND: V0899 – RDM: 1771959


Minimum opening dimensions: 164×44.5×8.5cm

Maximum opening dimensions: 200×44.5×8.5cm

Dimensions closed: 118×44.5×8.5 cm

Capacity: 159kg

Weight: 7.5kg


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