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What to do after applying a plaste

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In our previous articles, we discussed how to assess the severity of a wound and the proper application of a plaster or bandage – a crucial step to prevent infections and promote faster healing.


In this article, we’ll talk about how to monitor the progress of your wound: how to track healing? Is it necessary to follow up and check that everything is okay, inspecting the wound for any anomalies and intervening immediately.



Supporting us is an interesting article we read on band-aid.com.


Change your plaster/bandage regularly




If you’re wondering how often you should change your plaster or bandage, doctors recommend doing so at least twice a day – at least in the early stages of healing. It’s important to always keep the wound clean and disinfected. If you notice any fluid leaking from the wound or the plaster stained, clean up and change the bandage immediately.



Prevent infections



To reduce the risk of contamination and infections, always wash your hands thoroughly before checking your wound and changing the plaster. Inspect the wound and apply a new dressing while keeping your hands clean.



Watch for signs of suspicious infections



The symptoms of potential infections in a cut or wound are clear: increasing pain, redness around the affected area, swelling. Not all infections are the same: minor ones can be treated at home with careful cleaning and suitable disinfectants. If you notice fever, discharge from the wound, or other unusual symptoms, contact a doctor immediately as the infection may be more severe than expected.



Keep your wound dry



A wound kept clean and dry heals faster – and properly. In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that the wound should be kept slightly moist, and indeed it is: damp is very different from wet! When swimming, being in water, or showering, use a waterproof plaster or bandage to keep the wound protected at all times. Once dry, return to the regular dressing.



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