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What is Futura? Discover the first eco-friendly first aid ki

PVS has created the first product in its sector with an idea of sustainability.

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In today’s article, we are proud to introduce you to a unique creation: our eco-friendly FUTURA kit.



What is Futura?



Futura is the first eco-sustainable case, made 100% from recycled materials of plant origin by adding polypropylene and wood powder.



These characteristics, in addition to making Futura the first in its sector, allow those who use it to benefit from the qualities of wood in all its components and, even more importantly, to innovate a sector where plastic is the most commonly used material by far.


Future content and customization


The ecological FUTURA case, at the customer’s discretion, can be provided with all the materials related to small and big size first aid kits or with customized content.



For us at PVS, it is essential to guarantee a constant commitment to offering the highest quality, flexibility, and potential to tackle even significant orders. This involves continuous investment in research and development, also in terms of digitization of processes required by Industry 4.0.


To these challenges are added:

  • attention to ecological needs;
  • the desire to continue offering the best innovative products to the market.


PVS is a company founded on values ​​such as sustainability and evolution, attention to demand, and the ability to find effective solutions based on the problems that customers and the market in general face every day.

These and other characteristics make our company the first in Italy for the first aid sector.


At the center of our corporate strategy is eco-sustainability.


Our entire team works with perseverance and dedication to building greener products, perfecting the service, and continuously redefining quality standards.


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