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The mandatory requirement of first aid kits in EU vehicles

New appointment with PVS blog news, in which we talk about a European Union law that communicates the obligation of first aid kits in vehicles.


While it’s true that caution is never too much and it would be good to have a first aid kit (even small and with basic products for emergency first aid and/or securing a sudden wound) in your car or in any means of transportation you find yourself in, a European Union law requires drivers to equip themselves with a first aid kit.


European Union law requirements on vehicles first aid kits



If you travel or are passing through Europe with your vehicle or with a company vehicle, read this article carefully!



According to DIN 13167 and DIN 13164 regulations, it is indeed mandatory to have an approved first aid kit in bicycles, motorcycles, and cars when driving in: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary.



As for countries not belonging to the European Union, the kit must be carried in countries such as Belarus, Moldova, Switzerland, European Turkey, Ukraine.


And in Italy?



As for private cars, there is no law that establishes the obligation of a first aid kit on board – however, for the reasons described at the beginning of the article, it is always prudent to have the necessary self-medication products or, why not, to help a passerby on the street.



The situation is different when it comes to company vehicles. Ministerial Decree 388 of July 15, 2003, states that the first aid kit is mandatory “in companies or production units that have workers who carry out their activity in isolated places, different from the company headquarters or production unit”. In these cases, “the employer is required to provide the medical kit”, as well as “a suitable means of communication to connect with the company in order to quickly activate the emergency system of the National Health Service”.



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