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Isolated workplace safety: guide to the selection and use of man-down devices

Isolated work presents unique risks that must be managed appropriately to ensure worker safety. In compliance with Ministerial Decree 388/2013 and the employer’s obligation to assess all risks present in the company, the use of ground-level devices has become essential to protect workers operating in isolated locations.


In this guide, we will explore DATIX products, made in Italy, which offer advanced solutions for the safety and monitoring of isolated workers.


DATIX Devices for Isolated Worker Safety


DATIX Nano 3G:


The Datix Nano 3G is a sophisticated ground-level device designed to ensure safety in isolated work environments. Equipped with an SOS button to report emergencies, the Nano 3G detects loss of verticality or prolonged immobility, immediately sending alarms via SMS, data connection, and phone call. This device is compatible with 2G and 3G cellular networks, also offering the possibility of integrating a GPS receiver for outdoor localization and personnel tracking. The integrated RFID technology enables indoor localization without complex installations, optimizing search operations in case of emergencies.


DATIX Wi-Trak Pro 3G:



The Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G sets the new standard for personnel monitoring and GSM UMTS teleassistance. This device transmits alarms via SMS, internet, or phone calls in case of emergencies such as panic, loss of verticality, or prolonged immobility. It offers extended network coverage thanks to the integration of a 2G and 3G cellular modem. It features advanced functions such as audible alarms in the absence of network coverage and the ability to control sirens and flashing lights to signal alarms in noisy environments.

DATIX2 Watch:



The Datix2 Watch is a smartwatch designed for the management of isolated individuals, with particular attention to safety. Equipped with an SOS button, wrist movement monitoring, and the ability to automatically send SMS and calls in case of prolonged immobility, this smartwatch offers comprehensive protection for isolated workers. It also supports indoor localization via beacons and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring full coverage even in indoor environments.


Considerations Before Purchase:



Before purchasing a DATIX device, it is important to consider network coverage and the specific needs of your work environment. Ensure that the device is compatible with the cellular networks available in your area and supports technologies such as GPS for outdoor localization and RFID for indoor localization.



The safety of isolated workers is a priority for every employer. DATIX ground-level devices offer advanced solutions for monitoring and protecting workers operating in isolated environments, ensuring a timely response in case of emergency and overall improving workplace safety.



Choose the DATIX device that best suits the needs of your work environment and ensure maximum protection for your employees.



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