CODE RMA025 - RMA038

VENTO mouth-to-mouth resuscitator

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Available colours


Disposable mouth-to-mouth resuscitator with one-way polycarbonate valve and non-toxic PVC protective screen. Given its small size, it is a useful accessory in every first aid kit.


Available in 2 versions:

RMA025: with instructions in 4 languages ​​IT/GB/DE/FR
RMA038: VENTO BOX IT/GB with standard colors available, white and red.



MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 65893 classification CND R03010201 – Class IIa


The RED HEART code RMA031 is also available: the mouth-to-mouth resuscitator version in disposable plastic with one-way valve and non-toxic protective shield inserted in a heart-shaped key ring with PVS logo (REP n. 1674586 CND classification R03010301


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