CODE GUE064 - GUE065 - GUE067 - GUE068 - GUE069 - GUE070 - GUE071 - GUE072

sterile guedel cannulas


Guedel cannulas are anatomical, made of non-toxic PVC and in sterile packages. Each size comes in a different color code.


Available in 8 sizes:
GUE064 (CAL.0) black length 60 mm
GUE065 (CAL.000) pink length 40 mm
GUE067 (CAL. 00) blue length 50 mm
GUE068 (CAL.1) white length 70 mm
GUE069 (CAL.2) green length 80 mm
GUE070 (CAL.3) yellow length 90 mm
GUE071 (CAL.4) red length 100 mm
GUE072 (CAL.5) light blue length 110 mm


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 168878 classification CND R010102





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