Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 Wi-Fi defibrillator


The semi-automatic defibrillator LIFEPAK® CR2 was born from the experience of 118, and rescue professionals.

Physio-Control is one of the major suppliers of defibrillators and other medical devices, ambulances, and emergency vehicles.


Most 118 ambulances and advanced response vehicles are equipped with Physio-Control professional defibrillators (LIFEPAK® 15, LIFEPAK® 12, LIFEPAK® 1000, etc.).


Intervening with a LIFEPAK® CR2 defibrillator allows rescuers to use the same electrodes already applied to the subject, saving precious time, in situations where even seconds become critical. Simply detach the pads from the first responders’ AED, and insert them into the 118 responders’ AED, which is simple since it is the same attachment.


Simple to use and made with the same technological solutions also present in the most advanced defibrillators used by emergency professionals, they are specially designed for lay rescuers, who are the first to be able to intervene to rescue a person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest ( ACI).


They have the possibility of increasing the energy dosage up to 360 joules, essential for the hardest cases to defibrillate.

They can also provide rescue operators with a complete picture of each SCA event thanks to the wireless connection and perform analyses even during CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation).

Strong points

– Single AED with built-in connectivity for both Wi-Fi and 3G;


– Only AED to allow CPR massage during analysis;


– Only AED to create a direct connection between advanced responders (118) and the event of cardiac arrest;


-The only AED to integrate perfectly with the main Italian emergency services from the point of view of patient treatment continuity;


-Maximum energy available for difficult-to-defibrillate patients.


LIFEPAK® CR2 defibrillators are extremely simple to operate with three-step operation, with easy-to-understand controls.




Dimensions:  9,7 x 22,6 x 27,4 cm

Weight: 2,0 kg


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