pediatric Pad-Pak


HeartSine® offers a revolutionary new approach to AED maintenance: the PAD/Pak. This patented consumable contains battery and pads in one solution: it, therefore, has only one date to remember in case of expiration and only one component to be replaced when used. Each PAD/Pak is guaranteed for 4 years from the date of production and allows for 60 discharges or 6 hours of continuous monitoring. When the battery reaches an autonomy of fewer than 10 discharges, the samaritan® PAD issues an alarm message.


The pediatric PAD/Pak, on the other hand, is pink in color and allows defibrillating patients from 1 to 8 years of age and/or weighing less than 25 kg: it is supplied only as an optional accessory.


For operational needs involving frequent use of the defibrillator, there is also a blue PAD/Pak, designed for health services (ambulances, public assistance, hospitals, clinics, and emergency services), which offers one year of validity from the date of production for a cost equal to a pair of defibrillator plates designed with traditional technology, effectively making the samaritan® PAD a defibrillator also suitable for placement in the healthcare sector.


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