Samaritan 350P defibrillator and accessory for its H24 monitoring


SAMARITAN PAD 350P semi automatic defibrillator.


Compact and light: the smallest and lightest automatic defibrillator on the market (from 28 to 56% smaller, compared to the average of devices).

Easy to use: the simultaneous presence of voice commands (“Apply the electrodes; do not touch the patient; the patient can be touched safely”) and visual controls, guide the user throughout the rescue process, even in case of noisy environment or with a hearing impaired rescuer. Furthermore, it can also be emploied without having to remove it from the containment backpack, further reducing the activation time of the device.

SCOPE biphasic wave: allows the defibrillator to handle greater impedance ranges than competitive devices, offering unprecedented performance: the best life-saving therapy with the lowest occurency of side effects for cardiac cells.

Resistant: the IP56 protection index is the highest protection index against the penetration of dust and water jets from any direction available on the market: rain, water showers, humidity, mud and dirt do not affect the performance of the defibrillator.

Pad-Pak Cartridge: Provides a single expiration date to track, unlike other brands of defibrillators. After use or four years from the its production date, you can replace the cartridge, and the machine activates immediately.

FDA approval: thanks to the rigorous standards with which the 350P tested and built, HeartSine has obtained the approval of the American FDA, authorization for marketing in the USA that only five other manufacturers in the world have obtained.

8-year guarantee: containment of maintenance costs having an 8-year warranty and only one consumable to be replaced every four years, the overall management cost of this defibrillator is thus the lowest on the market.


Padpack versions:

DEF022: Padpak, pads and battery pack, ADULT

DEF023: Padpak, pads and battery pack, PEDIATRIC




Dimensions: 23,4 x 18,4 x 4,8 cm

Weight: 1,285 kg (battery included)

Monitoring accessory

Codice DEF021G


HeartSine Gateway per Samaritan PAD Telecontrollo H24 per il monitoraggio continuo e costante del DAE


HeartSine Gateway per Samaritan PAD ti regala la sicurezza di possedere un Defibrillatore monitorato H24 oltre che perfettamente funzionante.


HeartSine Gateway per Samaritan PAD comunica tramite Wi-Fi con il LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager o il LIFENET System per consentire la gestione dei DAE ovunque installati.


Con il programma di Assistenza e Manutenzione LIFECARE PLUS potrai liberarti da ogni controllo visivo, gestione scadenze, controllo tecnico e relativa certificazione, con la sicurezza di possedere un Defibrillatore monitorato H24 e perfettamente funzionante.


HeartSine Gateway per Samaritan PAD è semplice da gestire


Autoalimentato: Preserva la durata della batteria del DAE difatti è autoalimentato con batterie presenti in commercio.


HeartSine Gateway è un dispositivo IP 56


Alta protezione dalla polvere e dall’acqua, anche in ambienti difficili. La stessa del DAE Samaritan PAD.


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