The Cardiolife AED 3100k Defibrillator is fast, safe, and simple to give effective cardiovascular assistance in an emergency.
CardioLife AED-3100K can be used for adult and pediatric patients, without changing the electrodes. The energy switch allows defibrillation for pediatric patients by simply switching to child mode to deliver less energy.
The Cardiolife AED-3100 automatic external defibrillator has an intuitive design, and voice instructions simplify action. It also allows modulating the impact energy for pediatric patients with the same electrodes for adults. There is an analysis of heart rhythm and recharging during CPR.


Adult / Pediatric (children) selector
The device is suitable for people of all ages (from 0 to 7 years in pediatric mode, and from 8 years in adult mode).


Maximum reliability
The daily self-test automatically checks main defibrillator functions, including the battery, pads, and internal circuitry. In emergency situations, the CardiolifeAED 3100 defibrillator is always ready to save a life.


Within everyone’s reach
Thanks to the ignition system upon opening, the electrodes already connected, and the voice guide, it will be very easy to give assistance.


Suitable for all contexts
The CardiolifeAED 3100 is the defibrillator that can be used from -5°C to +50°C and thanks to its IP66 certification, it has complete protection against dust, sand, heavy rain, and water.


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