AED I PAD CU SP1 defibrillator


Semi-automatic defibrillator, pre-connected adult paddles: the defibrillator has a switch that can be selected for use on adults or children, using the adult paddles. Patient analysis system: ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia.
Automatic volume adjustment in proportion to the noise in the surrounding environment. Voice and light messages to guide the operator in rescue manoeuvres. High capacity internal memory: 5 events or 3 hours capacity; battery: 200 shocks or 5 years (in stand-by). Supplied with soft case.

Training version is available: DEF051


Dimensions without bag : 260x256x69.5 mm (width length height)
Weight: 2.4 kg (including battery and electrodes)

Spare parts

DEF052: pair of adult I PAD electrodes

DEF053: AED I PAD disposable battery


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