MULTIRED carrying case DM 388 attachment 1

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ABS container, equipped with wall support, divided in 2 equal parts each complete with glass and separators for better housing of the products. Closure with two rotating clips. Hermetic seal guaranteed by a neoprene gasket. Suitable for commercial companies, public authorities, schools, offices in general. Also available as hanging cabinet.



Kit contents

1 Copy of Min Decree 388 dated 15.07.03;
5 pairs of sterile gloves;
1 Mask with splash guard;
3 sterile physiological solution 500 ml CE;
2 bottles of disinfectant 500 ml Povidone-iodine with 10% iodine
10 bags of sterile gauze compresses 10×10 cm;
2 envelopes of sterile gauze compresses 18×40 cm;
2 Sterile Drapes 40×60 cm DIN 13152-BR;
1 Pack of cotton wool;
2 sterile forceps;
1 Tubular elastic bandage case;
2 Rolls of adhesive plaster m 5×2,5 cm
2 PLASTOSAN 20 assorted plasters;
1 Pair of bandage cutters, DIN 14.5 cm;
3 Tourniquets;
2 ICE PACK instant ice;
2 Bags for medical waste;
1 Digital clinical thermometer;
1 PERSONAL sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope;
2 m 4×10 cm elastic bandage;
1 Box containing: 3 liquid soap, 3 disinfectant wipes, 2 ammonia wipes;
1 Gold/Silver Isothermal Blanket 160x210cm;
1 triangular non-woven sheet 96x96x136 cm;
1 PINOCCHIO mouth opener + VENTO resuscitator cod APR100K
2 sachets of burns gel 3.5 g;
2 Elastic bandage m 4×6 cm;
1 sterile pad bandage mm 80×100 DIN 13151


Dimensions (L x H x W): 443x338x147 mm

Weight: 8,40 kg

Empty weight: 3,3 kg


Empty case

Empty cases codes:

CAV036 empty, orange colour;

CAV137 empty, green color;

CAV136 empty, white color.



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