605/M cabinet attachment 1


Content compliant with DM 388 dated 15/07/2003 attachment 1 and D.L. 81 of 09/04/08 art.45. for companies or production units of groups A and B and in any case with three or more workers. Increased content with the most consumed products. Suitable for large communities, commercial and industrial companies, restaurants, schools, hotels, tourist villages.


Carbon steel cabinet, painted in epoxy polyester, oven cooking 180°, rounded edges, two steel shelves, door with three shelves, removable bottle holder base, lock with key.



Kit contents

1 Copy of Min Decree 388 dated 15.07.03;
5 pairs of sterile gloves;
1 Mask with fluid protect visor;
3 bottles of sterile saline solution 500 ml CE;
2 500 ml disinfectant bottles POVIDONE 10% iodine;
10 envelopes of sterile gauze compresses 10×10 cm;
2 bags of of sterile gauze compresses 18×40 cm;
2 sterile drapes 40×60 cm DIN 13152-BR;
2 sterile forceps;
2 packs of cotton wool;
1 Tubular elastic bandage case;
2 PLASTOSAN 20 assorted plasters;
1 pair of scissors for bandaging;
2 Rolls of adhesive plaster m 5×2,5 cm;
3 Tourniquets;
2 ICE PACK instant disposable ice;
2 Bags for medical waste;
1 CE digital clinical thermometer;
1 PERSONAL sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope;
4 gauze bandages measuring 4×10 cm;
1 Box containing: 3 sachets of liquid soap, 3 sachets of PMC disinfectant wipes, 2 sachets of ammonia wipes;
1 Gold/Silver Isothermal Blanket 160x210cm;
1 triangular non-woven sheet 96x96x136 cm;
2 Preparation 3.5 g GEL FOR BURNS sterile;
2 Elastic bandage m 4×6 cm DIN 61634;
1 sterile pad 80×100 mm DIN 13151 M.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 402x202x483 mm

Weight: 11,48  kg

Empty weight: 6,60 Kg

Empty case

Empty cabinet code: CAV605


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