SHERPA backpack


The backpack contains all the necessary items for dressing, resuscitation and emergency treatments. Made for mountain villages, firefighters, forestry corps, and to face demanding excursions…
In high-strength nylon, waterproof, with reflective band, 2 compartments (one external and one internal), 4 nylon pouches of different colors for rational housing of the devices and transparent plastic windows for quick viewing of the contents, 2 shoulder straps (retractable in a special slot on the back of the backpack).

Kit contents


1 gold/silver isothermal blanket
1 hand disinfectant gel 100 ml
1 tongue puller
1 latex free nitrile tourniquet
1 x Nylon Tourniquet with Buckle
10 alcohol wipes
3 sterile disposable syringes
2 EMOCONTROL sterile elastic bandage for bleeding
2 steri strips envelopes for skin sutures
1 pair of bandage scissors 14.5 cm DIN
1 pair of bandage scissors 19 cm DIN
3 sterile tweezers
2 disposable sterile scalpels
1 suction pump
12 safety pins
2 packs by 2 protective gloves
1 stainless steel splinter removal pliers



3 sterile guedel cannulas (cal.1-2-3)
2 packs of instant ice
6 sterile bandages with 80×100 mm pad
5 VENTO mouth-to-mouth resuscitators



1 ASIBAG PRM299 resuscitation bag with oxygen tube, reservoir, adult mask
1 oronasal mask cal.3



2 sterile non-woven towels 60×40 cm
2 sterile non-woven towels 60×80 cm
2 rolls of plaster m 5×2,5 cm
2 elastic bandages of 10 cm
1 disinfectant bottle of 250 ml
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide
5 ammonia wipes
1 pack from 20 plasters
8 adhesive bandages 10×6 cm
5 envelopes with sterile gauze compresses 10×10 cm
2 triangular non-woven sheets 96x96x136 cm
2 sterile eye compresses


In its various compartments:
1 PHILLY adjustable adult cervical collar
1 BOSTON set of 4 mouldable splints for fractures cod. STE110
1 sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope
1 POCKET MASK MAS001 for mouth to mouth resuscitation
8 hydrophilic gauze bandages
(4 of 5cm – 2 of 7cm – 2 of 10cm)
2 bottles of ACQ414 saline solution for eye wash
2 gel gauze bags 10×10 cm for burns
1 packet of cotton wool 50 g


Dimensions (LxHxP): 520x320x240 mm

Weight: 6 kg

Empty weight: 2 kg

Empty case





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