EXPLORER waterproof case


Thick resin case, hermetic seal for perfect watertight closure against sand, dust, water and corrosive agents, IP67 protection resistant to shocks, crushing and low and/or high temperatures. Equipped with a sturdy handle and pressure locks, double predisposition for any padlocks. Gasket and pressurization valve which guarantees a rapid settling of the internal pressure in the event of sudden changes in altitude or temperature.
Thanks to its features, the container is particularly suitable for use in extreme conditions and provides an effective first aid. Its sturdiness makes it suitable for the most adverse climatic situations, for example in the high mountains, on oil platforms, in the most demanding excursions, etc.

Kit contents

1 adult resuscitation bag in silicone;
1 oronasal mask cal. 5 silicone;
1 sterile guedel cannula cal.2;
1 PINOCCHIO helical mouth opener;
1 tongue puller;
1 POCKET MASK mouth/mouth resuscitation mask;
8 hydrophilic gauze bandages (4 of 5 cm – 2 of 7 cm – 2 of 10 cm);
4 elastic bandages (2 of 6 cm and 2 of 8 cm);
2 sterile non-woven drapes (1 of 60×40 cm – 1 of 60×80 cm);
1 EMOCONTROL tampobandage for bleeding;
3 sterile bandages with 80×100 mm pad;
2 sterile bandages with 100×120 mm pad;
5 sterile tablets 10×10 cm;
6 sterile tablets 18×40 cm;
2 triangular non-woven sheets 96x96x136 cm;
2 sterile adhesive eye pads;
8 adhesive bandages 10×6 cm;
1 pack of 20 assorted plasters;
2 spools of non-woven plaster m 5×2.5 cm;
2 steri strips envelopes for skin sutures;
1 elastic net case;
2 SOFFIX MED rapid adhesive sterile dressing 10×15 cm;
1 jel gauze for burns 10×10 cm;
3 gel sachets 3.5 g for burns;
1 BOSTON mouldable splint for fractures;
2 wipes for insect bites;
1 sterile saline solution bottle 500 ml;
10 disinfectant wipes;
2 disposable instant ice packs;
1 digital thermometer;
1 sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope;
2 LATEX FREE tourniquet;
1 hemostatic elastic strap LAC188;
8 sterile disposable syringes;
1 pair of stainless steel scissors 11.5 cm;
1 pair of bandage scissors 19 cm DIN;
3 sterile tweezers;
1 stainless steel splinter removal pliers;
1 stainless steel Klemmer hemostatic forceps;
2 disposable razors for trichotomy;
2 sterile disposable scalpels;
2 bags of suture needles with thread;
1 suction pump;
12 safety pins;
1 first aid manual 24 pages;
1 kidney bowl;

2 packs 2 LATEX FREE sterile gloves;

2 masks with splash guard visor;

2 isothermal blankets;

3 medical waste bags;

1 SNAP LIGHT for signalling;

1 vial of povidone 125 ml.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 464x366x176 mm

Weight: 7 kg

Empty weight: 3 kg


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