eurokit small amputated limbs


Kit intended for the recovery and conservation of small amputated limbs. It includes all the necessary to preserve the limb during the journey to the nearest emergency room.Very useful in companies where work is carried out with the risk of amputations for the workers. Green plastic case supplied without wall support (optional).


PV0392: full version in green
CAV411: empty version in green

Kit contents

2 instant ice packets;
1 EMOCONTROL bleeding bandage;
1 gold/silver isothermal blanket;
1 thermal bag 200×250 mm with hermetic closure;
1 pair of sterile gloves;
10 sterile gauze compressed envelopes 30×30 cm.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 263x170x83 mm

Weight: 0,7 kg

Empty weight: 0,2 kg


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