ADR gas transport bag


Emergency kit for units intended for the transportation of dangerous goods. The content (standard and available by request) contains what is required by current legislation in Italy and in Europe as personal equipment, which can be reviewed and/or integrated according to the needs of the goods and therefore of transport according to the hazard classes ( CL.1 to CL.9).


IMPORTANT NOTE: the vehicles must have an adequate wheel chock and any material required by the “written instructions for the driver (TREMCARD) based on the goods transported (marginal 10.385)
Bag in 800/800 nylon, two handles and shoulder strap for transport, 2 compartments with zip closure.



PAL001 anti-spark shovel;
TPT002 drain cover 61×61 cm;
TPT000 drain cover 60×80 cm;
OCC100 goggles;
DUS006 absorbent powder 3 kg.


Standard content

2 orange light signal lamps with twilight sensor
4 batteries for signal lamps
2 high visibility vests EN471 compliant
2 rubber torches
4 flashlight batteries
1 pair of heavy protective gloves
1 roll of signal tape
2 bottles of 500 ml of sterile saline solution suitable for emergency eye washing and for cleaning and mild disinfection of uninjured skin
1 soft kit first aid bag DIN 13164 CPS685 compliant
1 mask for full face protection
1 x ABEK mask filter.


Dimensions (L x H x W): 560x230x370 mm

Weight: 5 kg

Empty weight: 0,5 kg

Empty case

Empty bag code: BPS259


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