sport bag


The products in this series have been specifically chosen to provide first and effective aid to athletes in the event of wounds, dislocations, abrasions, bruises and all the typical accidents of those who practice sports.
Nylon bag with shoulder strap, internal dimensions 18x38x21H with velcro separators, 2 side pockets, zip closures.


Empty container: BPS261

Kit contents

1 isothermal blanket;
1 bottle of disinfectant 250 ml;
2 rolls of plaster m 5×2.5 cm;
2 pairs of protective gloves;
2 disposable mouth-to-mouth resuscitators VENTO;
6 sterile hydrophilic gauze bags 18×40 cm;
2 ice spray bottles 200 ml;
3 triangular non-woven sheets 96x96x136 cm;
1 packet of cotton wool 50 g;
1 pair of bandaging scissors;
2 sterile elastic bandages 80×100 mm;
2 sterile elastic bandages 100×120 mm;
1 pack from 20 plasters;
8 adhesive bandages 10×6 cm;
1 non-woven sterile sheet for burns 40×60 cm;
1 sterile non-woven drape for burns 60×80 cm;
3 bags of 1 sterile gauze compresses cm.10×10 8 layers
1 first aid instructions;
5 packs of instant ice;
1 pack elastic tubular mesh;
1 tourniquet;
1 forceps for sterile dressing;
5 ammonia wipes;
1 bottle of sterile saline solution 250 ml;
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide;
3 elastic bandages 6 cm;
3 elastic bandages 8 cm;
1 hand disinfectant gel 100 ml.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 470x240x190 mm
Weight: 6,5 kg
Empty weight: 1 kg


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