Multisan Food series attachment 1 + HACCP increased content


Container made of ABS, equipped with wall support, made up of two parts complete with glass and separators for the better housing of the products. Closure with two rotating clips. Hermetic seal guaranteed by a neoprene gasket.
Attachment 1 content increased for HACCP includes items dedicated to the food sector and suitable for small bars, restaurants, and fast food restaurants.

Kit contents

1 Copy of Min Decree 388 of 07/15/03,
5 Pairs of sterile gloves,
1 mask with fluid protect visor,
3 Bottles of sterile saline solution 500 ml CE,
2 Disinfectant bottles 500 ml povidone iodine 10% iodine PMC,
10 envelopes of sterile gauze compresses 10×10 cm,
2 envelopes of sterile gauze compresses 18×40 cm,
2 sterile drapes cm 40×60 DIN 13152-BR,
2 sterile forceps,
1 pack of cotton wool,
2 Packs of 10 assorted plasters,
2 Rolls of adhesive plaster m 5×2,5 cm,
1 Pair of scissors for cutting bandages 14.5 cm DIN,
3 tourniquets,
2 ice packs instant ice,
2 Bags for medical waste,
1 clinical thermometer,
1 Personal sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope.


1 Plastonet tubular bandage 2 sizes,
2 pair of large sterile nitrile gloves,
2 Bandage m 3,5x10cm hemmed cellophane,
2 elastic bandages 80×100 sterile M,
2 elastic bandages 100×120 sterile G,
2 TNT triangular sheet,
6 Caliber 1 Safety Pin 38 mm
1 hemocontrol anti-haemorrhagic bandage,
2 Eye wash solution cap,
10 latex thimbles size L,
1 Box of 10 assorted plasters,
1 case of assorted blue detectable plasters,
5 Preparation 3.5 g sterile burn gel,
2 Sterile gauze 10×10 cm for burns,
2 Wind for resuscitation mouth mouth,
1 DETECTAPLAST 6×100 cm blue adhesive bandage.





Dimensions (L x H x W): 443x338x147 mm

Weight: 9 kg


Refill pack

Product code PDM028


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