Medic 1 HACCP


Blue shockproof polypropylene case, wall attachment support, carrying handle, closure with two rotating clips.
Ideal for the food and catering industry.

Ensure workplace safety with our Medic 1 HACCP, designed to provide essential first aid solutions for burns and minor injuries. This comprehensive kit includes two key products: blue detectable plasters and hydrogel burn sachets, offering immediate relief and protection in case of incidents.


Key Features:


Blue Detectable Plasters: Easily identifiable with their vibrant blue color, these plasters are designed for use in food preparation and processing environments that adhere to strict safety standards like HACCP. They provide quick application for cuts and minor wounds, ensuring minimal contamination risk.


Hydrogel Burn Sachets: Each kit contains hydrogel sachets formulated specifically to soothe and cool minor burns. These sterile sachets provide immediate relief upon application, helping to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of further injuries.


The Medic 1 HACCP is ideal for sectors such as food service, hospitality, and manufacturing where burns and minor injuries can occur. Compact and easy to store, this kit is an essential addition to workplace safety protocols, ensuring a prompt and effective response to minor burn incidents.

Kit contents

1 ICE PACK instant ice
1 NITRILE tourniquet
5 sachet sterile 3.5 g GEL FOR BURNS
5 PMC disinfectant wipe
1 sterile pad 100×120 mm
6 Sterile gauze bag 18×40 cm
1 bandage m 4 x 8 cm elastic
1 Spool TNT 5m x 2.5cm
1 Sterile saline solution 100 ml
1 Lister scissors 14.5 cm DIN
1 Plasters 5 shapes BLUE DETECTABLE 100 PCS
1 pack 10 latex thimble
1 triangular non-woven sheet cm 96x96x136


Dimensions: mm 250x190x90 h

Weight: 1,40 Kg

Refill pack product code

PDM168: Refill package Medic 1 HACCP blu case


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