softkit first aid bag


Ideal for first aid for minor injuries, useful complement for private cars, leisure activities, DIY activities, …
Red nylon handbag with zip.


Available in three versions:

CPS674 in shrink wrap

CPS820 in case with hanger

ESP820 30 piece display (CPS820 without hanger)



Kit contents

1 pair of sterile gloves;
1 elasticated bandage m 4 x 6 cm;
2 sachets of liquid disinfectant soap 5 ml;
3 disinfectant wipes;
1 tweezers;
1 pair of scissors;
1 roll of cloth adhesive plaster;
10 cellulose sheets;
1 box of 10 plasters of various sizes;
2 envelopes of sterile gauze;
1 tourniquet.


Dimensions (L x H x W): 170x110x50 mm


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