Snake bite first aid kit


It is ideal for first aid in case of snake bites and insect stings. Indispensable for hikers, campers, trekkers etc.

Kit contents

1 Suction bulb,
1 Elastic bandage 4 x 8 cm DIN 61634,
1 flat tourniquet,
1 triangular non-woven sheet 96x96x136 cm,
3 Gauze 18×40 cm single sterile,
1 SOFFIX MED dressing 5×7 cm sterile,
1 Envelope 20×20 cm sterile hydrophilic gauze (ply 5×5 cm),
1 plaster 10×6 cm PLASTOSAN,
2 PMC disinfectant wipes,
1 Rock. m 5×1,25 cm TNT plaster ad.,
1 HUNTER splinter removal straight pliers 11,5 cm

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