MOTORCYCLE SOFT KIT compliant with DIN13167


First aid kit with contents compliant with DIN 13167. Mandatory equipment in Europe for motorcycles and motorcycles.
Handbag in red nylon, zipper and belt loop, cross symbol and “first aid” written in 5 languages ​​in white.
Supplied in single cardboard case with windows and descriptions in 4 languages ​​(IT, FR, GB, ES).


CPS140: single product
ESP140: display with 30 pieces


CND V80 and RDM 1762453



Kit contents

1 plaster roll m 5×2,5 cm
8 plasters 10×6 cm
2 sterile elastic bandage 8×10 cm
1 sterile sheet 60×80 cm
1 pack of 4 vinyl gloves
1 gold/silver isothermal blanket 160×210 cm
1 pair of Lister scissors 14.5cm


Dimensions (L x H x W): 150x130x50 mm
Weight: 270 g


Mandatory equipment on transport vehicles in the following European countries:

Austria- Bulgaria- Croatia- Estonia- France- Germany- Greece- Latvia- Lithuania- Poland- Portugal- Czech Republic- Slovenia- Spain- Hungary.


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