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Available colours

Kit contents

1 pair of protective gloves;
2 sterile gauze envelopes 18×40 cm;
1 pack cotton wool;
1 plaster roll m 5 x 1.25 cm;
1 bandage 5 cm;
1 sterile bandage with 80×100 mm pad;
5 disinfectant wipes;
1 dressing tweezers;
1 pair of scissors;
1 pack from 10 plasters;
1 adhesive bandage 10×6 cm


Dimensions (L x W x H): 185x144x78 mm

Weight: 0,59 kg

Empty weight: 0,45 kg

Empty case

CAV037 orange (empty)
CAV290 white (empty)
CAV291 green (empty)

Empty container

CAV037 orange (blank)

CAV290 white (empty)

CAV291 green (blank)


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