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First aid kit for 2/3 people, recommended for home, camping, DIY,…
Container made of ABS composed of two equal parts each complete with glasses and separators for better housing of the products. Equipped with wall mount support. Closure with two rotating clips. Hermetic seal guaranteed by neoprene gasket.

Kit contents

1 Sterile bandage TNT cm.60×40

4 Sterile gauze 18×40 cm

1 Pack of cotton

1 Adhesive plaster m 5×1,25 cm

2 Elastic bandage cm.6

1 Elastic bandage cm.10

1 Sterile compressive pad bandage 80×100

1 Sterile compressive pad bandage 100×120

1 Plastic tweezers

1 Pack of 10 assorted adhesive plasters

1 Triangular bandage TNT cm.96x96x136

1 Pack of 6 safety pins

3 Adhesive bandage 10×6 cm

1 Pair of scissors

1 Tourniquet

1 Pair of sterile gloves

1 PIC 3 box with 8 assorted wipes


Dimensions (L x W x H): 235x200x87 mm

Weight: 1,1 kg

Empty weight: 0,75 kg

Empty case

CAV043 orange (empty)
CAV143 white (empty)
CAV144 green (empty)

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