Basic burn kit


Impact-resistant polypropylene carrying case with handle for transportation, secured with 2 clips.

Burn first aid kit for all businesses and transportation vehicles where there is a risk of burns. Contains the necessary items for initial emergency treatment.

Ensure workplace safety with our Basic Burn Kit, designed to provide essential first aid solutions for burns and minor injuries.


A unique product within this kit is the anti-burn hydrogel sachets:

Hydrogel Burn Sachets: Each kit contains hydrogel sachets formulated specifically to soothe and cool minor burns. These sterile sachets provide immediate relief upon application, helping to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of further injury.


The Basic Burn Kit is ideal for sectors such as food service, hospitality, and manufacturing where burns and minor injuries can occur. Compact and easy to store, this kit is an essential addition to workplace safety protocols, ensuring a prompt and effective response to minor burn incidents.

Kit contents:

3 anti-burn sachets 3.5 g PRE002;
1 anti-burn compress 10×10 cm GAZ101;
1 box of 40 DRY SKIN;


1 sterile saline solution 100 ml;
2 pairs of sterile gloves;
1 bandage with non-stick pad 100 x 120 mm;
2 envelopes of 1 sterile gauze compress 18×40 cm;
1 sterile TNT sheet 40×60 cm;
1 patch on a spool 5×1.25 cm.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 240x190x50 mm

Weight: 0.6 kg


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