Wall-Mount Eyewash Station


Particularly suitable for emergency interventions in chemical plants and laboratories. Bowl in yellow-chrome anticorrosive synthetic resin (ABS). Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes covered by immersion with Polyamide 11 resin (Rilsan), for a long life even in very aggressive atmospheres. Control ball valve, in galvanically treated bronze, with anti-panic bar actuation. High-capacity atomised water dispensers. Ergonomically positioned nickel and chrome plated brass nozzles. Inlet: 1/2″. Drain: 1-1/4″. Installation at 0.97 m above the ground. Compliant with international standards. ANSI Z358.1, EN 15154 1 and 2 and DIN 12198:3. UNI EN 15154-2:2007 and UNI 9608:1993 standards compliant. Attention: as required by the UNI 9608 standard, the push-button valve, once activated, remains open, leaving both hands free.


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