DROP eye wash station – leader in Italy and in the world for its innovative design


The first eye wash station in Italy and in the world for its innovative design, consisting of 2 bottles of disposable sterile saline solution of 500 ml with eye cap for a quick use. Thermoformed support with transparent front part with anti-dust closure, equipped with mirror and supplied with screws and dowels for wall application.

Catalog number: 132443


Dimensions (LxHxW): 320 x 410 x 80 mm

How to use

To open DROP, simply pull the lid slightly and let it fall downwards. Remove the bottle and twist the cap. This breaks the seal and the bottle is ready for use. The anatomical cap allows you to direct the jet precisely, obtaining an effective eye wash without waste. At the end of the application, the mirror mounted in the station can be a useful accessory to determine an initial assessment of the damage.


Code ACQ414: 500 ml saline bottle with cap


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