Decontamination station with eyewash


Decontamination station with shower and eyewash.

Shower diffuser in yellow-chrome anticorrosive synthetic resin (ABS).
Pipes, perimeter handrail, platform and load-bearing base in hot-dip galvanized steel and coated by immersion with Polyamide 11 resin (Rilsan), made to last even in very aggressive atmospheres.
Shower control ball valve, in galvanically treated bronze, with instantaneous opening and MANUAL closing.
Operation of the fully automatic eyewash: as soon as a person steps on the platform, the ball valve opens and then gradually closes again when he gets off it.
Eyewash dispensers with large flow rate of nebulized water with nickel-plated and chrome-plated brass nozzles, ergonomically positioned.

Feed: 1-1/4.

Complies with UNI EN 15154-1/2:2007 and UNI 9608:1993 standards.


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