Pulse oximeter intended for spot-check measurement of oxygen saturation and heart rate from the patient’s finger.

For domestic and professional use. Can be used before or after physical activity, but not recommended during it.

It provides the display of SpO2 and heart rate values, in addition to the histogram.

Technical specifications

– LED display mode

– Low voltage indicator

– Automatic shutdown after 5 seconds

– SpO2 range: 0-100% (1% resolution); accuracy: 70-100%: ± 2%, unspecified below 70%

– PR range: 30-250 bpm, (resolution 1 bpm); accuracy: ±2 bpm or ±2% (whichever is greater)

– Weak filling: SpO2 and heart rate are displayed correctly when heart rate to filling ratio is 0.4%.

– ±4% SpO2 error, ±2 bpm heart rate error or ±2% (whichever is greater)

– Power consumption: less than 25mA

– Voltage: DC 2.6V – 3.6V

– Battery operation: two batteries can work continuously for 24 hours

– Safety: internal battery, BF type


Dimensions: 60×30,5×32,5 mm
Weight: 50 g including 2 batteries

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