refill pack DM 388 15/07/03 allegato 1 e D.L. 81 del 09/04/08. Without sphygmomanometer


Basic refill in accordance with DM 388 attachment 1 and D.L. 81 of 09/04/08 art.45 version WITHOUT SPHYGMOMANOMETER. For companies in group A and B and in any case with three or more workers. To comply with DM 388 it is necessary to integrate the content with the sphygmomanometer which is not included in this package.

Kit contents

1 copy of Min Decree 388 dated 15.07.03;
1 Mask with fluid protect visor;
3 Physiological solution 500 ml CE;
2 Disinfectant 500 ml IODOPVIDONE with 10% iodine
1 Tubular elastic bandage case;
1 Pack of cotton wool;
2 PLASTOSAN 10 assorted plasters;
2 Rolls of adhesive plaster m 5×2,5 cm;
2 ICE PACK Instant disposable ice,
2 Bags for medical waste;
2 sterile gauze bags 18×40 cm;
2 sterile towels 40×60 cm;
1 Scissors for cutting bandages;
3 Tourniquets;
10 bags of sterile gauze compresses 10×10 cm;
5 pairs of sterile gloves;
1 CE digital clinical thermometer;
2 Sterile tweezers.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 395x135x270 mm

Weight: 6,20 kg


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