NAUTIKIT – nautical first aid case for boats and ships up to 12 miles

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Case with updated contents for first aid recommended for boats up to 12 miles from the coast. Orange polypropylene container, closure with two snap clips, carrying handle supplied with screws and dowels for wall attachment using the appropriate guides in the case.

Kit contents

6 envelopes of sterile gauze 18×40 cm
3 envelopes of sterile gauze 10×10 cm
1 povidone-iodine disinfectant bottle 125 ml
2 STOP wipes for insect bites
3 ammonia wipes
1 cotton pack 50 g
3 hydrophilic gauze bandages m 3.5×10 cm
2 elastic bandages measuring 4×8 cm
2 disposable hydrogel sachets for burns 3.5 g
1 box of 40 assorted plasters DRY SKIN CER041
1 roll of non-woven plaster m 5×2.5 cm
1 pair of bandaging scissors 14.5 cm
1 tourniquet in latex free nitrile
1 gold/silver COP216 isothermal blanket
2 pairs of sterile gloves
1 splint for fractures 22×3 cm
1 pack of instant ice.


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