CODE CAV021- CAV016- CAV022- CAV023

MAX IP67 watertight cases


IP67 certified cases to ensure resistance to water and dust. Suitable for a safe storage of first aid products, photographic equipment, or other equipment. They are suitable for sectors such as hunting, fishing, boating or where safe protection of the contents from atmospheric agents is required. The MAX suitcases are equipped with a hermetic seal, an automatic pressurization valve, a soft handle for a secure grip and a double-step safety closure, they have a double arrangement with a padlock and a hinge along the entire profile of the suitcase with nylon pins.

Product codes and sizes

Available sizes (external):


CAV016: MAX10 258x243x118 mm, weight 0.820 kg

CAV021: MAX30 336x300x148 mm, weight 1.620 kg

CAV022: MAX43 464x366x176 mm, weight 2.760 kg

CAV023: MAX50 555x428x211 mm, weight 3.900 kg


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