THERMOGEL COMFORT reusable hot/cold gel cushion


New fabric cushion with an adjustable elastic band and new gel formulation that guarantees greater conformability right out of the freezer. Cold therapy: for small bruises, microtraumas (muscle strains, sprains), burns, headaches or toothaches, slight bleeding, localized skin inflammation. It is also indicated for insect bites.


TEHERMOGEL allows you to exploit the natural therapeutic power of heat and cold in a simple and comfortable way. THERMOGEL is reusable and can be a valid substitute for an ice pack and/or hot water.
For cold therapy, place THERMOGEL in the freezer for at least two hours.
For heat therapy, immerse for ten minutes in hot water (60°C max) or place in the microwave in a container of water for 6 minutes. (max 300 watts).


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health nr.24367R CND M9099


Dimensions (W x L): 10×26 cm
Weight: 324 g


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