CODE SIR177- SIR178- SIR179- SIR181- SIR182

Single use sterile syringes 2,5 CC; 5 CC; 10 CC; 20 CC; 50/60 CC catheter; 100 CC catheter


Sterile disposable syringes with needle. Available in five sizes.
Boxes of 100 pieces.


SIR178 2 cc.
SIR177 5 cc.
SIR179 10cc eccentric needle
SIR181 20cc eccentric needle
SIR182 50/60 cc cone catheter
SIR184 100 cc catheter cone (box of 25 pcs.)



Ministry of Health

SIR178 nr.13128R CND A020102010201

SIR177 nr.13138R CND A020102010201

SIR179 nr.13143R CND A020102010201

SIR181 nr.13151R CND A020102010201

SIR182 nr.13276R CND A020102010201


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