CODES CER020 - CER021- CER022- CER024 - CER025

PLASTOSAN plasters 12 shapes


Skin-tone plasters in different formats.


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 73321 CND classification M4010101

Product codes and sizes

CER020 Pack of 100 assorted plasters in 8 sizes

CER021 Pack of 100 plasters 2×7 cm

CER022 Pack of 100 plasters 2.4×7 cm

CER024 Pack of 50 plasters 6×10 cm

CER025 Pack of 50 plasters 4,8×7 cm


Content of CER020 assorted 100 pieces:

40 pieces, size 2x7cm

10 pieces, size 2.4x7cm

20 pieces, size 4x2cm

5 pieces, size 10x6cm

5 pieces, size 4.8x7cm

6 pieces, size 3.8×3.8cm

5 pieces, format H

9 pieces, butterfly format


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