box of 5 SOFFIX MED plasters 5×7 cm


100% non-woven compresses covered with a micro-perforated polyester sheet. Support in non-woven fabric. The ultra-delicate Soffix Med plasters, ideal for dressing trauma wounds or post-surgical wounds, are made in a special super-breathable and multi-extensible non-woven fabric that adapts to the different parts of the body.The tampon has a high absorption capacity and thanks to the micro-perforated film it does not stick to the wound, for a pain-free removal.
The micro-perforation improves aeration and absorption, facilitating healing. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin thanks to the non-stick properties of the micro-perforated film

Box of 24 cases.



MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 741232R CND M04010101


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