CODE GUA151- GUA152- GUA153- GUA154

protective disposable nitrile gloves


Non-sterile disposable glove in Medical Grade High Quality nitrile internally lubricated with bio-absorbable corn starch. They are latex free and protect against possible allergic reactions related to natural rubber latex proteins. Made in opaque blue color with anti-fatigue color tone. Ambidextrous with tear-proof cuff. Micro-rough surface to ensure maximum sensitivity and an optimized grip. Excellent chemical resistance to detergents, concentrated detergents, hydrocarbons, ethers and freons. Suitable for food handling.

Finely powdered non-sterile multipurpose disposable examination glove in “acrylonitrile-butadiene class 80 LZA”, a very pure synthetic polymer with a low modulus of elasticity, known as “nitrile”. Treated with a particular “on-line” procedure without the use of toxic chemical irritants and capable of eliminating surface micro-dust. Micro-rough surface that guarantees maximum sensitivity and an optimized gripping capacity. Free from natural rubber latex, it eliminates the risk of type I and type IV allergic reactions related to the presence of water-soluble proteins and chemical residues. Effective protection against a wide range of chemical corrosives and irritants; resistant to oils and fats in general, petroleum, petrol, various plasticizing products and various alcoholic and ketone-based solvents; high ergonomics that allows prolonged use without fatigue. Made in opaque blue color with anti-fatigue color tone.
INTENDED USE: III^ category personal protective equipment (PPE) (CE certification n. 0162/6645/02 pursuant to Legislative Decree nr 475 of 04.12.1992 as well as pursuant to art .11/B of the EC directive 89/686 for UNI EN 374:94 (part I,II & III), UNI EN 388:96 & UNI EN 420:96 community regulations

REGULATORY STANDARDS: US FDA & GMP produced in EN ISO 9002/EN46002 certified factories raw materials properties according to UNI EN 455 part I (ex ASTMD-3578) standards no micro-holes for AQL 1.5 (inspection level G-1) according to UNI EN 455 part II ASTM 5250 sampling according to ISO 10993 standards compliance with UNI EN 374- 2:94 & UNI EN 374-3:94 (penetration and permeation by chemical agents and microorganisms) viral penetration test according to ASTM F 1671 standard synthetic blood penetration test according to ASTM F 1670 standard suitability for contact with food according to EEC Directive 90/128 and for food categories according to EEC directive 85/572.


Disposable nitrile gloves supplied in dispenser box of 100 pieces.
Available in four sizes:


S – code GUA151
M – code GUA152
L – code GUA153
XL – code GUA154


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