VEDOPREMIUM digital electronic clinical thermometer PIC


VedoPremium is the new digital electronic thermometer with visual fever alarm. Can be used to take oral, rectal or axillary temperatures. If the temperature detected is lower than 37.5°C, the display turns green. If the temperature detected is higher than 37.5°C, the display turns red to indicate the presence of fever. Precise and accurate, the thermometer is equipped with a flexible probe and a large display for easier reading. This product uses the most advanced technology and undergoes strict quality controls. In accordance with EN12470 – 3:2000 standards in accordance with the provisions of EU regulations, to guarantee maximum quality and precision. VEDOPREMIUM is able to quickly detect the temperature from 32°C and 43.9°C (with a tolerance of +/- 0.1°C). The presence of the flexible probe allows maximum comfort during the measurement, it is built with materials that make it particularly resistant to shocks. It saves the latest measurement. An audible signal warns of the end of the measurement. The battery lasts for about 2000 measurements. It has an automatic switch-off after 10 minutes. Backlit LCD display; it has 3.5 digits.
Sold in a practical protective case.


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 163316R CND V03010102


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