Portable folding medical couch


Compact, of minimum volume, it is easily transportable thanks to its low weight, and simple to use thanks to its fast opening system. It is suitable for masseurs, physiotherapists, sports circles and companies which are required to make periodic visits and do not have an infirmary room.

Structure in white painted metal, padding in black washable faux-leather, adjustable headrest. The bed is equipped with a special hole (which can be used if necessary) where the face can be placed to perform the massage in the prone position.

Optional accessories:
Nylon case code CUS227


Dimensions closed (L x H x W): 87x60x13 cm
Dimensions open(L x W x H): 175x60x72 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Capacity: 130 kg (distribuiti)


Optional: Nylon case code CUS227


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