CLEARrapid automatic wrist sphygmomanometer


CLEARRAPID is an automatic digital upper arm blood pressure monitor for home and hospital use, provided with a nylon case.


Measurement ranges:

systolic 60-230 mmHg
diastolic 40-130 mmHg
heart rate 40-199 beats/minute
pressure sensor: piezoresistive


CND: Z1203020501 repertoire: 1370371R


Technical specifications

-Digital display 128×50 mm

-Clinically approved according to the ESH 2010 international protocol

-2×100 measurements with date and time

-Auto shut-off after 1 minute after pressing any key

– Velcro bracelet circumference 22-42 cm

-Measurement method: oscillometric

-Power supply 4 AAA batteries


Dimensions (W x L x H): 100x186x35 mm
Weight: 322 g with batteries

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