CODE COL061 - COL062 - COL063 - COL064 - COL065 - COL066 - COL067

TWISTER cervical collars 2 pieces


2-piece cervical collars (front and back) made of polyethylene and internal lining in washable E.V.A. (ethylene vinyl acetate) fixed with plastic rivets. Equipped with central hole for tracheotomy and adjustable Velcro closures. Latex free.


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 616375 CND classification Y060312

Product code and sizes

Available in 6 sizes, with different colored closures:
COL061 infant PINK (from cm.35 to cm.39) neck diameter 6/8
COL062 pediatric BLUE (from cm.40 to cm.46) neck diameter 8/11

COL063 stout PURPLE (from cm. 48 to cm.52) neck diam. 16/19

COL064 standard BLUE (from cm. 50 to cm.54) neck diam. 10/13

COL065 medium ORANGE (from 54 to 58 cm) neck diameter 13/16

COL066 tall GREEN (from cm.56 to cm.60) neck diameter 19/25

COL067 set of 6 pcs. with case


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