SED spinal immobilizer


Immobilization of the patient’s head and spine vertically and horizontally. Thanks to the enveloping structure, it allows the injured person to be extracted, limiting any trauma due to movement. Equipped with different colored buckles and straps for easy and quick use, cushion and straps for the forehead and chin. Supplied with carrying case. Instrument for extrication and spinal immobilization in all emergency situations. Particularly suitable therefore for victims stuck in vehicles, collapses and distressing places. It can also be used for pregnant patients, children and newborns. Ideal for splinting hip and pelvis fractures. The sturdy vinyl-coated nylon cover limits abrasion and ensures total integrity. Vertical rigidity and horizontal flexibility are the main characteristics of this tool, which allows rapid immobilization of the spinal column and safe extrication. The belts and buckles are colored for easy recognition. SED is fully radio compatible.


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 1815652 CND classification Y123003


Comes with:


– comfortable and robust transport bag;

– neck band and chin rest;

– cushion to be used as a support for the back of the head


Weight: 3,120 kg


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