CODE STE116 - STE118 - STE119

aluminum/foam splint


Fracture splints made of aluminum and foam. Moldable and divisible, ideal for immobilizing small fractures. Hypoallergenic product. The ribs are made of semi-raw aluminum padded with open cell synthetic material that allows perspiration. Resistant to temperatures up to 100°C and are radio-transparent (60 kv 5 mas). Keep away from sunlight.


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health: STE118 64537/R STE116 64540/R STE119 64541/R classification CND M030505

Product code and sizes

Avalable in three sizes::
STE118 48×1 cm
STE116 48×1,9 cm
STE119 48×2,5 cm

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