Rolly stretcher for confined spaces


Rollable stretcher designed for confined space rescue. Flexible rescue system, ideal when the evacuation and transport of the patient is necessary in difficult morphological and climatic situations and a rapid recovery is required.

Main features:

Immune to all environmental conditions, body fluids, and blood: the particular material used allows quick washing without the stretcher absorbing organic or biological liquids.

Safe transport of the injured: the high resistance of the materials protects the injured during transport operations and offers optimal support.

Easy to use and prepare: the use of straps, webbing, and buckles of different colors prevents assembly mistakes and speeds up the usage.

It can be used both vertically and horizontally, thanks to the suspended specification.

Compact and light: the lightness of the material, the possibility of being rolled up and the compact carrying bag guarantee practical transport and storage.

Technical specifications

Stretcher material: PE

Handle material: Nylon

Maximum load: 150kg

Stretcher weight: 7.3 kg

Suspended weight: 780 g


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