CDK vacuum mattress


CDK is the classic vacuum mattress, robust and reliable. It is equipped with a passing rope which is used in the lower part, with the presence of Santoprene® knobs as a handle and in the upper part as an attachment for the patient fastening belts. The upper side is orange, the underside is gray. The on/off valve, made of chromed brass with built-in hose holder, guarantees tightness at any temperature and unlimited duration.
Particularly robust materials and accurate execution are the prerogatives for a vacuum mattress that can be used by civil protection corps, firefighters, companies and mountain rescue. Made of non-absorbent and self-extinguishing material  Load capacity 150 kg.

Pump required for use (POM002 or POM003 – to be purchased separately).


MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 403730 classification CND V0804 GMDN 35689


Dimensions (L x W): 2130 x 880 mm

Weight: 4,10 kg


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