Black and yellow 4-wheeled carry chair


An essential item for the transportation of patients in places such as stairs, corridors, lifts, and where the stretcher cannot pass. Equipped with 4 carrying handles, 2 of which are frontal. Very small in size in the folded position, made in light aluminum covered in a waterproof black nylon fabric, equipped with a storage pocket located behind the backrest Automatic safety locking, four quick release belts for patient immobilization, two of its four wheels are fixed, one of which is equipped with a lock, to facilitate transport on land smooth.


Black and yellow color.


SED005 MEDICAL DEVICES REPERTORY Ministry of Health n. 1822876 CND classification V0899


Available in 2 versions:

Code SED005: chair without armrests

Code SED005B: chair with armrests


Open chair dimensions (H x W x L): 910x505x710 mm

Closed chair dimensions (H x W x L): 920x520x165 mm

Weight: 10.50kg

Capacity: 150kg

Wheels diam. 125mm and 30mm wide


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